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Okay, sorry this reply is so late. I just didn’t have time to go into it until now. I hope you’re ready for my rant.

First of all, I have to say that I love Aang. But he can be completely childish and selfish and self-righteous, and I hate that about him.

The first time he truly pissed me off was in the Southern Raiders episode. I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to lecture Katara about how she need to forgive and forget the man who fucking killed her mother. How dare he? He had no idea what the situation was. He had no idea what Katara had gone through. All he had was his fucking sunshine and rainbows. I’m sorry, Aang, but comparing how you lost Appa to Katara losing her mother is the most offensive thing. I love Appa, but he is your fucking pet. It is much easier to forgive people stealing your pet than a guy MURDERING YOUR MOTHER IN COLD BLOOD. KATARA SAW HER MOTHER’S DEAD BODY AND UNDERSTOOD THAT SHE DIED IN HER PLACE. THIS DOES NOT COMPARE TO LOSING APPA. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???

And can I just remind everyone that Aang was perfectly fine going all Avatar state and killing the people who stole Appa, but when Katara wanted her deserved revenge over the murder of an actual person, all of a sudden it wasn’t okay???

And speaking of Aang killing, who remembers him killing all those people in the Northern Water Tribe? Because I sure do. It was most likely a lot of people. Dude caused a fucking tsunami. But can someone tell me why he wasn’t willing to kill Ozai when the fate of the world fucking depended on it?

I understand that he was a monk, and it went against his teachings. Okay, I get it. But you know what? YOU ARE THE MOTHERFUCKING AVATAR. That’s what you are first and foremost. THE WORLD ONLY GETS ONE. EVERYONE WAS DEPENDING ON YOU. And you try to get out of killing an evil man that has caused the slaughter of millions because it goes against your teachings? Shut the fuck up. That is the most selfish thing I have ever heard. Nevermind the fact that if he didn’t kill Ozai, Ozai was most definitely going to kill him. And a whole lot of other people. The world would have been in complete chaos, and it would have been all your fault.


And don’t even get me started on that lionturtle shit. That was just a way for Bryke to save poor little Aangy’s values. Well, those are some fucked up values if he’s willing to kill FOR APPA but won’t do it to save the world. Am I the only one incredulous about this?!?!

And then the whole taking-Ozai’s-bending-away thing. Once again, a cop out. And yay, the firelord can’t bend anymore, the war is over! Wrong, bitch! You don’t think he wouldn’t still have followers just waiting to break him out? You really think people would stop being loyal to Ozai just like that? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You don’t think keeping Ozai alive is a danger to Zuko? You don’t think that assassins are going to go after him so that Ozai can retake the throne?

And let me just talk about Zuko for a second. Aang literally just took his job and dropped it into Zuko’s lap. “Lol, here’s your psychotic father back, Sifu Sparky!”Taking down the firelord was the avatar’s job. All Aang did was make it suddenly Zuko’s problem. Nevermind the fact that he has a country to run and amends to make and a broken sister to take care of. No. The firelord can’t bend, so he can’t hurt us, yip yip!

And Zuko was physically and emotionally abused by his father. He wanted his father to die. He knew he deserved it after all of the hatred and despair he spread across the world. But how would it look to his nation if he killed Ozai? Especially since Iroh made it clear that the only way peace would hold is if it was the Avatarthat killed Ozai. Zuko killing Ozai would just be a political nightmare for the Fire Nation. Actually, Ozai being alive makes it a political nightmare because so much can go wrong. And Zuko is the one who has to live with constantly watching his back and worrying about coups and all that good stuff stuff because Aang couldn’t do his ONE JOB.

But that’s okay! He didn’t have to kill anyone, and he got the girl that barely seemed interested in him! And he constantly got to tell everyone “I told you so” and be a selective goody goody the whole time (because you can murder people and burn down their villages and most likely rape the women but god forbid you sell someone’s sky bison).

Boy, is it good to be the Avatar.


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